Cat Fly Halloween miniFest:
October 12, 2019

Short Films,

Live Music,

Open Projector


Cat Fly Film Fest FAQ


Cat Fly Halloween 2019 will be a donation-based event with tickets sold at the door.


Do you offer press passes?

Yes, Cat Fly offers a limited number of press passes for every event. Please contact us at if interested in reserving a press pass.


Can I buy tickets in bulk for my cast/crew or friends/family?

You may purchase multiple tickets during the checkout process. However, we do not offer discounted bulk rates at this time.


What awards & prizes does Cat Fly offer?

Audience members vote to determine the receiver of the Audience Reaction Award.This is to encourage audience participation and engagement. Typically this prize includes a waiver code to submit to a future screening and complimentary tickets to a future Cat Fly event.

Overall, Cat Fly is mainly a non-competitive film festival. We prefer to keep awards at such a minimum because the focus should be on the art of filmmaking. In fact, we believe that competition may even create an atmosphere of separation between filmmakers or add a dimension of hierarchy to the event experience. Our mission is to bridge the elements that separate us and to build a supportive community and an environment of encouragement.


Where can I submit my film?

Submissions for Cat Fly are accepted through Film Freeway. When submissions are open, Cat Fly invites submissions of any film that is related in some way with the Southeast Region of the U.S. All submissions are conducted through FilmFreeway.


How do I get involved?

Come hang out at the next Cat Fly event! Aside from experiencing Cat Fly, you can also get involved as a volunteer or sponsor. As a newborn non-profit, we always love to have extra help! Please visit our Volunteer page or our Sponsorship page for more information. 


Can I view the films online after the event?

Cat Fly does not host selected films on our website right now, nor do we link to them. We encourage those interested to come to Cat Fly to view the films and to meet the filmmakers in person.


Where can I submit feedback & suggestions?

We love to hear back from our sponsors, filmmakers and audience as to how we can better serve the community. If you have any further questions, ideas, comments or feedback, please don't hesitate to contact the Cat Fly team at