Films featured

Some of the indie films we will show March 31st - April 2nd.


good hair

By Catherine Dee Holly & Fray Forde

A conditioner bottle spawns what appears to be argument of the day for couple Frankie and Khi. Good Hair explores a millennial long-term relationship and the split ends along the way.

joint effort

By Katie Damien

When a dog trainer and his partner receive a package full of pot by mistake, they have to find a way to replace the contents when their dog eats the whole thing while their backs are turned.

the profound object

By Channing Wilson

when fact met fiction

By Stefan Liner

Fortune Favors the Bold

By Ryan DuVal

Romantic Comedy short; An unexpected situation between strangers peaks interests.

once a stranger

Experience the adventures of filmmaker Wayne Culpepper as he gets lost in places he was told to fear and discovers the strangers he was warned about turn out to be quite different than he was told.



The replica raid

By Ted Kendrick

An art thief attempts to steal a mysterious painting, only to learn that all things break with time.


Ghost image

By Katie Damien

When a ghostly apparition shows up in a photographer's work, she'll have to find a way to eliminate all cameras from her life or risk losing it to the thing that haunts her.

the mark

By André Ian Mileti

Space man jones

By Aaron Putnam

Big Dave's music video.

a place, a memory 

By Madeleine Richardson

An abstract piece conveying the feeling of memory and place, specifically memories of going to the beach as a child.


In this music video for Asheville-based 16 year old singer-songwriter Ian Ridenhour, a teenage boy tries to escape from the monsters in his head.

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By Keeley Turner 

Leo starts his first day at his new job as a pool boy. Up until this point, he has only applied himself to be successful in academics, but as a result Leo is completely socially awkward. He decides to challenge himself with this new job, but realizes being a pool boy isn't as easy as he thought it would be. One girl catches his eye at the pool, but she is way out of Leo's league. 

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The smoke trilogy

By MJ Slide

A gun-for-hire simply known as a Gardener navigates a dirty south cyberpunk world where fighting for Humanity applies to more than just Humans.

Spivey Mountain Jam

By Kendra Warren

This music video takes us back to April 1st, 1965 when my father was just five years old. Being the hoodlum that he is, he caused quite a commotion after attempting to smoke his fathers cigarettes. As the sun set, David had burnt down 16 acres of Asheville's Spivey Mountain on this notorious April Fools Day! 

maeve throws a bachelorette party

By Andrew Vasco & Lea Mclellan

Maeve’s childhood friend comes to town to celebrate the most sacred day of all, the last day she’s single.


By Rome Widenhouse

A young girl escapes into fantasy when her father violently reacts to the reappearance of her long lost uncle.

to and from

“To and From” follows three artists who feel trapped in loneliness, isolation and dissatisfaction. By experiencing a severe transformation that’s deeply connected to nature, each character gradually embarks on an inward and outward journey that leads to a united path of growth. The phenomena and power of connection stimulates the protagonists, adds purpose to their existence, and allows them to become a part of something much bigger than themselves.