Cat Fly Presents: FIlms on Tap

Submissions for Cat Fly Presents: Films on Tap are open! Submit your short film for consideration.

Cat Fly Summer SEndoff

Cat Fly is now accepting feature films for the first time at our upcoming Summer Sendoff fundraiser event! Submit via FilmFreeway by clicking the button.

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Summer Sendoff & FOT

Annual Festival submissions FAQ

What submission requirements are there?

Films must be independently produced. Film MUST be associated with the South of the United States in a significant way.

For example, films may include one of the following qualifications:

-film was shot in the South of the U.S.

-directors, producers, crew or actors are from or based in the South

-the story has to do with Southern culture

Do you accept short films or feature films?

Currently, Cat Fly accepts short films. We hope to one day expand the festival enough to be able to include feature films. We prefer short films of 1 to 30 minutes in length; however, longer independent shorts of 30-45 minutes will also be considered.

What genres do you accept?

All genres are acceptable for the 2nd Annual Cat Fly Film Fest.

Does my film have to be recent in order to qualify?

No, there is no cutoff date for when the film was made. Show us your most recent film from last month as well as your very first film from 1978!

Do you judge films based on the filmmaker's genetics?

No, don't be ridiculous! As an all-female owned festival, Cat Fly strongly values inclusivity. We invite participation from female as well as male filmmakers, queer as well as non-rainbow filmmakers, filmmakers of color and minorities as well as white filmmakers. We do not discriminate based on gender, race, orientation, or any other personal identity.

What else do I need to include in my submission?

We ask that you please include your FILM POSTER, LOGLINE and any BEHIND THE SCENES PHOTOS with your FilmFreeway submission. By submitting these materials with your film, the submitter and filmmaker(s) agree to grant Cat Fly Film Fest permission to share them for marketing and promotional purposes of the festival. If no film poster or BTS photos are provided at submission, Cat Fly is not responsible for tracking the down from you and will not be able to promote your film to our audience.

When are the submission deadlines and notification date?

Early Bird deadline -- January 6th, 2018

Regular deadline -- March 1st, 2018

Notification date -- March 7th, 2018

Lineup public announcement -- March 8th, 2018

What is the submission fee? Can it be refunded?

The Early Bird fee is $5. The Regular Deadline fee is $8. Submission fees cannot be refunded.

What awards & prizes does Cat Fly offer?

Audience members vote to determine the receiver of the Audience Choice Award.

All films that have been accepted and screened at Cat Fly Film Fest qualify to sport Official Selection laurels.

Cat Fly is a non-competitive film festival. We prefer to keep awards at a minimum because the focus should be on the art of filmmaking, rather than on winning. In fact, we believe that competition may even create an atmosphere of separation between filmmakers or add an unwanted dimension of hierarchy to the event experience. Our mission is to bridge the elements that separate us and to build a supportive community and an environment of encouragement.

Do you accept multiple films from the same director?

You are welcome to submit as many films as you like from the same director. We have included multiple films from the same director in the past, but it is less likely that we will accept more than one in the final lineup. This is because the  inclusion of variety and a wider community are essential to the Cat Fly mission.