volunteer at cat fly

how to apply

If you’d like to volunteer with Cat Fly, please send your resume or portfolio to catflyindiefilm@gmail.com and let us know which role(s) you are interested in. You are welcome to double up on roles. Please also briefly answer AT LEAST ONE of the following questions in the body of your email:

-Why do you want to volunteer at Cat Fly?
-Why do you want to be involved in the film community as a whole? 
-Why is indie film important?
-Why is community building important within the context of the film industry's relationship with the local economy?

 Photo by  Three Region NC
 Photo by Michelle Graston

Photo by Michelle Graston


Sponsor Hunters

Reach out to companies or organizations that may be interested in a collaboration with Cat Fly. Present our sponsorship program and coordinate between both parties to confirm a sponsorship deal. Prepare and send them a contract and supervise the enactment of the deal.

Event Staff

Event staff will help set up the venue on the day of the event: moving tables and chairs, preparing decorations, setting up raffle and merch tables and the step-and-repeat, etc. We need several volunteers to man the raffle table and merch table, to check in people with tickets, and to sell any extra tickets at the door. Experience working at other events or on film sets preferred, but not required.

Event Photographers

Capture the energy and awesomeness of the event. Take photos of guests and filmmakers in front of the step-and-repeat. Photograph the event staff behind the scenes as well as major memorable moments throughout the evening. Please send us a link to your portfolio or a few photo samples.

Street Teamers

Join the Cat Fly Girls as we take on the town! Dress in full Halloween regalia and run around downtown and in West Asheville with the giant Cat Fly heads, handing out flyers and handbills, garnering attention and excitement for the upcoming event. Chat with people on the street about what Cat Fly is all about and sell them on the upcoming event.


Live Video DJ. Be in charge of setting up a separate projector on the wall of the venue for showing a badass rolling video featuring our sponsors. Work with the venue’s technician to get hooked up to their sound system, and play your own DJ set as background music throughout the event, setting the tone before/after and in-between screenings and performances.

Volunteers will receive free entry to the event.

We <3 our volunteers.