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CAT FLY indie film festival 2017

March 31 - April 2



Our Mission


People shape the future.

Our beliefs and opinions have been formed through years of intensive education and cultural immersion, yet nowadays, our moral compasses are influenced more often by the media, culture, and public discourse. Art has become more vital than ever in sculpting our society. Cinema is often called “the seventh art,” and continues to thrive as a major part of today’s entertainment and cultural sphere.

Films have the ability and the responsibility to communicate poignant messages that affect the moral growth and societal direction of humanity as a whole. In this way, film is not only a form of entertainment, but a powerful voice. At the Cat Fly Film Fest, we strive to provide a platform for up and coming film talent with original voices that will deliver transformative messages of artistically progressive and/or compassionate nature.

Asheville, NC, is a beautiful and quirky small town, isolated within the rich cultural history of the Appalachian Mountains where there is enormous artistic potential and enthusiasm. Cat Fly is created by and for local indie film artists to outlet this energy inherent to the Southeast region with a focus on Asheville talent.




Our Team

Photo by Leslie Frempong

Photo by Leslie Frempong

Brittany Jackson


Brittany is a photographer and filmmaker based in Asheville, NC. She works in the interest of community-building and promoting the creation a filmmakers' network in Asheville and surrounding cities in the southeast. 

Photo by Leslie Frempong

keeley turner


Keeley is a filmmaker and digital art designer from Asheville, NC who works on projects such as short films, promo videos, and web series. She gravitates towards edgy content and produces her own films on the side. Her goal is to inspire others with her creativity.

Photo by Adrianna Massey

Photo by Adrianna Massey

Photo by Yaniv Glaser

Photo by Yaniv Glaser

Madeleine Richardson


Madeleine is a filmmaker and graphic designer based in Asheville, NC. A recent graduate from UNC Asheville with a B.A. in New Media, her concentration is in Video Art and Design. She primarily works as a freelance videographer and editor for short films, web series, and weddings.







Cat Wityk


Cat Wityk is an Asheville actor and filmmaker from Baltimore, Maryland. She graduated from UNC Asheville with degrees in Mass Communication and French and currently works as a freelance marketer and videographer. When she’s not in front of the camera, she is behind the camera, producing short films with a surreal atmosphere.